Chaplain’s Corner April 13th, 2020


Spring officially begins on March 19th this year. We all look forward to this time of renewal and rebirth. Passover and Easter have been celebrated this past week and Ramadan (the Muslim Holy Month) begins on April 23rd. Passover is the Jewish celebration of freedom from slavery and the escape from Egypt. It also marks the beginning of the search for the promised land. Easter is celebrated by Christians as a time of sacrifice and rebirth. Easter began the new promise of a way for eternal life. Ramadan is marked by Muslims as a time of fasting, prayer, reflection and community. Muslims use the time of fasting for prayer, quotations from the Quran and the performance of charitable deeds.

They all share the understanding of sacrifice and renewal. Not only are they for family celebration but, a common goal of a renewed way of life including love, charity and contemplation. Many of us are alone as we stay home this year and our celebrations with the community are missing. I believe it gives us an opportunity to consider the many in our communities who are alone every year during these times of celebration.

How many of our brothers and their families are alone every day! We can do something to help reach our brethren. We all can take some time to think of a brother who we have not seen in a long time. Even a member we have not seen in the lodge. Your phone call can spread the light of our fraternity to people who may think they are forgotten. It is hard to pick up that phone. I can guarantee the feeling of joy you will receive in return will overcome the hesitation to call someone.

When you do have to go out to the store or other places for food and medication etc. we encourage each one of you to wear a mask and gloves. It is not just for your safety but, for those around you too. AND be sure to bring your patience and understanding! The dedicated people who come to work risking their health to provide essential services for us are tired and anxious too. Be sure to add an extra thank you and think of all those around you that are facing all of this along with us.

As I have been reading different words of encouragement, I have found a few to share here:

“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”
“Faith sees best in the dark.” Kierkegaard

“it is through faith we find comfort and strength”
“Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do”  Robert Schuller

I have found in my experience that I am amazed that I have managed to overcome things I would have thought were insurmountable.

NEWS: We have brothers who we are in need of our thoughts and prayers. Worshipful Al Mueller’s hernia surgery April 6th was successful. We wish him well and a speedy recovery! Worshipful Rick Whaley is recovering nicely at home from his knee injury and has almost completed his home nursing care. He is slowly beginning to get out and about in his yard. Right Worshipful Billy Bates is on the road to recovery from his shoulder surgery and remains upbeat about the success of the procedure. His wife is hard at work at Jupiter Hospital and among those brave fighters of this virus. She is in all our prayers. George Koester our esteemed secretary continues to do well recovering from his stomach illness. He is eating well and will have more tests done after the medical staff are available. Right Worshipful George Winterling and Worshipful Keith Campbell continue to improve and are getting better every day. Worshipful Jim Mullinax’s son has been recalled to active duty and will be posted to a pandemic hotspot soon. We all wish him well and our prayers for his safety as he serves us all.

As always, I have a photo to share of simple things people are doing to bring a smile to the lives of passersby.

A family does daily chalk art on the sidewalk in front of their house. A little way to say hello when we can’t do it in person!

We all know our God is with us and will guide us through this time and all the times of sadness and tribulation. Please share this prayer with me:

Almighty Father of us all, humbly we seek your presence, protection and blessings and especially during this difficult time of sadness and worry. We know you are with us and our faith in you will sustain us. Accept our gratitude for the selfless acts of kindness we see around us every day. We pause to ask that you will care for those who are brought before us as sick and in distress, their families and the medical personnel who are responsible for tending them. May the combined efforts of our love, as it is expressed in our having the purpose of bringing relief from any illness or distress guide us in our prayers and actions. Almighty God give the blessing of comfort to those who need our love and your protection.


Your lodge would like to know how all our brethren and their families are doing during this difficult time. Please let the Worshipful Master and I know how you and your family are doing. Our e-mail addresses and phone numbers are included below. Please remember to contact me or the Worshipful Master with any news or requests for assistance and prayer! Also, as always, we need any good news you have to share!

David Watjen
Jupiter Light Lodge No. 340
[email protected]

Mark Murray
Worshipful Master
Jupiter Light Lodge No. 340
[email protected]