Chaplain’s Corner May 5th 2020


Under ordinary circumstances the Lodge would be a hive of activity preparing for the annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner. This is another wonderful event Jupiter Light Lodge provides to the community where we belong. If you have not attended before you have missed a very special event! Local Law Enforcement Agencies from the area use the occasion of this event as an opportunity to recognize and reward the dedicated officers from their departments.

I am certain our Worshipful Master has plans to schedule this event as soon as possible after the Grand Master opens the Lodges in Florida.

This recent pandemic has changed all of our lives What stands out to me has been the small things that we take for granted I am referring to more than toilet paper! The acts of kindness from strangers to express their appreciation to the many people who are risking their lives and often the lives of their families to make certain we have the many important goods and services we need to survive. We have never considered many of these dedicated people Heroes. Doctors, nurses and first responders have dedicated so much to protect and care for us every day. But we have overlooked people who are equally dedicated and risk their lives every day on our behalf. Who looked at the sanitation workers, grocery store employees, postal and delivery employees as dedicated and vital heroes? Every day they report for duty in the face of this life-threatening virus.

Thankfully, ordinary people are taking the time and effort to express their appreciation to all those who are doing so much for us. Some have donated money and supplies to aid these special people. I have to ask myself daily, “Who did I express my thanks and appreciation to today?” We can with patience when we have to venture out of our homes for groceries and take a moment to thank the cashier, stock person, delivery person or any of those special people. The most inspiring of these efforts are the photos of children holding up signs or placing them in their windows for delivery people. In a few moments of our time we all have opportunities to share our respect and appreciation to these very special people. Never forget our Medical people who are saving lives and fighting to save so many of us. Our first responders are at the ready to come to our rescue even at the risk of their lives. All of these wonderful people are there for us when we need them the most. We can never repay the debt of gratitude we owe all of the special people. Please join in as we take a few moments out of our lives to appreciate the sacrifice of so few for us all!

NEWS: We have brothers who we are in need of our thoughts and prayers. Right Worshipful Malcomb Reinhard’s wife Linda is recovering from her mild stroke. She is resting and beginning the road to recovery. We all look forward to seeing both of them in Lodge soon.  Worshipful Al Mueller’s hernia surgery April 6th was successful. He is well on the road to recovery! Right Worshipful Billy Bates is beginning rehab for his shoulder surgery and remains upbeat about the success of the procedure. His wife is hard at work at Jupiter Hospital and among those brave fighters of this virus. She is in all our prayers. George Koester our esteemed secretary continues to do well recovering from his stomach illness. He is eating well and will have more tests done June 11th if the medical staff are available. Right Worshipful George Winterling and Worshipful Keith Campbell are getting better every day. Worshipful Jim Mullinax’s son has been recalled to active duty and was posted to a pandemic hotspot in New Jersey. We all wish him well and our prayers for his safety as he serves us all. Buddy Berrisford is slowly recovering from a bout with vertigo. We are all thankful it was not related to any heart issues. Buddy will have more updates soon.

We all know our God is with us and will guide us through this time and all the times of sadness and tribulation. Please share this prayer with me:

Most Holy and Glorious Lord God accept our thanks for the many mercies and graces which thou hast bestowed upon us. Wilt thou open our eyes that we may more fully appreciate those among us who are making the ultimate sacrifice to tend to our care and daily needs. Accept our gratitude for the selfless acts of kindness we see around us every day. We pause to ask that you will care for those who are brought before us as sick and in distress, their families and the medical personnel who are responsible for tending them. May the combined efforts of our love, as it is expressed in our having the purpose of bringing relief from any illness or distress guide us in our prayers and actions. Almighty God give the blessing of comfort to those who need our love and your protection. We know you are with us and our faith in you will sustain us. Continue to each one of us your presence, protection and blessings.


Your lodge would like to know how all our brethren and their families are doing during this difficult time. Please let the Worshipful Master and I know how you and your family are doing. Our e-mail addresses and phone numbers are included below. Please remember to contact me or the Worshipful Master with any news or requests for assistance and prayer! Also, as always, we need any good news you have to share! We may face a pandemic but, calling to check on a brother is not only safe but, will always be appreciated.


David Watjen
Jupiter Light Lodge No. 340
[email protected]

Mark Murray
Worshipful Master
Jupiter Light Lodge No. 340
[email protected]