Chaplain’s Corner Sept 18th, 2020

Please join me wishing those members of the Jewish Faith, Shana Tova! Which means Top of the New Year or the Beginning of the New Year. From sundown on Friday, September 18th to Sunday, September 20th 2020 the Celebration of Rosh Hashanah is observed in the various sects of Judaism. In the State of Israel, it is only observed on the Friday. It is the beginning of the religious and financial calendars.

All of us can learn from this custom as it is observed after reflection of our past actions and a renewed commitment to begin a fresh and renew our commitment toward leading a life in harmony with our beliefs. In some places Rosh Hashanah includes bathing or casting bread or stones in rivers. It symbolizes a “casting off” of our past and the beginning of renewal.

From the long serving Mason to the youngest Entered Apprentice we all consider our past acts and make our selves mindful of our obligation to the service of God, our brothers and all mankind.

The members and guests are invited to attend Jupiter Light Lodge No. 340 at 7:30 p.m. on October 27, 2020 for a regular stated meeting. We are excited to be back in Lodge and get our work underway. Our Worshipful Master has many plans for the remaining months of the year. Our fellowship and commitment to community service has never wavered and soon it will be present for all to see. You will be receiving messages from our Worshipful Master regarding meetings and upcoming events.

We respect and understand there are some members who will not be able to attend due to medical concerns. For those who are able to attend there will be hand sanitizing stations throughout the Lodge which will be carefully cleaned before opening. Facial Masks and social distancing shall be required for all attendees.

If you are in need of transportation to the Lodge please contact any of the officers and especially the Worshipful Master or me. Our contact information is at the end of this update.

NEWS: We have Brothers who we are in need of our thoughts and prayers.

Brother Buddy Berrisford had successful shoulder surgery on July 20th and is making a remarkable recovery with the help of physical therapy and his wonderful wife.

Brother Greg Evans had successful surgery on his hand on Wednesday, July 29th. He is recovering well and is beginning physical therapy.

We all know our God is with us and will guide us through this time and all the times of sadness and tribulation. Please share this prayer with me:

Most Holy and Glorious Lord God accept our thanks for the many mercies and graces which thou hast bestowed on us. Wilt thou open our eyes that we may more fully appreciate those among us who are making the ultimate sacrifice to tend to our care, protection and daily needs. Make us mindful that your presence and protection is with us always. We pause to ask that you will care for those who are brought before us as sick and in distress, their families and the medical personnel who are responsible for tending them. May the combined efforts of our love, as it is expressed in our having the purpose of bringing relief from any illness or distress guide us in our prayers and actions. Almighty God give the blessing of comfort to those who need our love and your protection. We know you are with us and our faith in you will sustain us.


Your lodge would like to know how all our Brethren and their families are doing during this difficult time. Please let the Worshipful Master and I know how you and your family are doing. Our e-mail addresses and phone numbers are included below. Please remember to contact me or the Worshipful Master with any news or requests for assistance and prayer! Also, as always, we need any good news you have to share! We may face a pandemic but, calling to check on a Brother is not only safe but, will always be appreciated.

David Watjen
Jupiter Light Lodge No. 340
[email protected]

W:. M:. Mark Murray
Worshipful Master
Jupiter Light Lodge No. 340
[email protected]