Chaplain’s Corner April 6th, 2020


Jupiter light Lodge and our Worshipful Master have graciously allowed me to write this new feature for our web and Facebook pages. Our commitment to our brothers and their families in sickness and distress goes beyond the four walls of our lodge. This is my opportunity as Chaplain to reach out to everyone especially during this difficult time. Please send me your news and updates and especially word about our brothers and their families who need our prayers and assistance.

There is a link on this page and you can send me direct e-mails to [email protected].

We all know too well the challenges we face dealing with this pandemic. We have a lot to be concerned about. I remain inspired by the acts of kindness and generosity that exemplify the resonance and compassion. Some are clearly visible as we see the many dedicated workers and volunteers who are caring for the many ill who are depending on them for care. The debt and gratitude we owe the many unseen heroes from the grocery clerks to sanitation workers to the first responders and medical care providers we will not forget.

I often wonder, what can I do shut up in my home! The simple things so many people are doing challenges me to do more. There is a 4th grader in Boston making masks for her city workers. Children and families doing sidewalk art to cheer the people who are walking and getting exercise! Our neighbor put this up in their front yard and I watch people who stop and smile when they see it. Frosty has a sign that says: Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Wash your hands, Thank you Nurses and Dr.’s. This simple act has been photographed and posted on line by so many in the neighborhood. We can still reach out to others and practice social distancing. If we are able to use social media there are even more ways to reach out. Have you seen places like New York City and London where every day people open their windows and cheer for the medical and First Responders at the 5:00 pm shift change? Even the musicians playing from their balconies and front porches provide much needed entertainment!

We can all find ways to show our compassion for each other!

NEWS: We have brothers who we are in need of our thoughts and prayers. Worshipful Al Mueller is having hernia surgery Monday April 6th. We wish him well and a speedy recovery! Worshipful Rick Whaley is recovering nicely at home from his knee injury and has almost completed his home nursing care. Right Worshipful Billy Bates is on the road to recovery from his shoulder surgery and remains upbeat about the success of the procedure. His wife is hard at work at Jupiter Hospital and among those brave fighters of this virus. She is in all our prayers. George Koester our esteemed secretary continues to do well recovering from his stomach illness. He is eating well and will have more tests done after the medical staff are available. Right Worshipful George Winterling and Worshipful Keith Campbell continue to improve and are getting better every day. Worshipful Jim Mullinax’s son has been recalled to active duty and will be posted to a pandemic hotspot soon. We all wish him well and our prayers for his safety as he serves us all.

We all know our God is with us and will guide us through this time and all the times of sadness and tribulation. Please share this prayer with me:

Almighty father of us all, humbly we seek your guidance and blessings as we strive to face this time of sadness and worry. We know you are with us and grant us your presence, protection and blessings. Accept our gratitude for the selfless acts of kindness we see around us every day. We pause to ask that you will care for those who are brought before us as sick and in distress, their families and the medical personnel who are responsible for tending them. May the combined efforts of our love, as it is expressed in our having the purpose of bringing relief from any illness or distress guide us in our prayers and actions. Almighty God give the blessing of comfort to those who need our love and your protection.


Please remember to contact me with any news or requests for assistance and prayer!

David Watjen
Jupiter Light Lodge No. 340
[email protected]

Mark Murray
Worshipful Master
Jupiter Light Lodge No. 340
[email protected]