2012 JLL Master Mason Graduating Class

2012 JLL Master Mason Graduating Class- including 5 Brothers from Gardens Lodge. One of the few photos of Bro. Phil Simmons(in bolo tie who passed away on 09/06/2014)

Our new sign is installed!

Thank you to Dan from Floridian Sign & Plastics for our new sign! The service & pricing he provided was fantastic. Floridian Sign & Plastics 218 Jupiter Street Jupiter, Florida, 33458 http://floridiansigns.com 561-747-2377

York Rite

York Rite Masonry While the Master Mason is the pinnacle of achievement in the world of Freemasonry, there are a number of appendant degrees that Master Masons can use to further their knowledge of the organization. One of the most … Read More

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