Freemasons come from all walks of life, each serving his community in his own way. Our members meet together as equals, whether they are Military or Civilian, CEO or Janitor. Freemasonry believes it is the internal, not the external, that makes a man. Together, we join in fraternal fellowship to improve ourselves and our respective communities.

Application for membership is open to men who:

  • Have been an Florida resident for at least 1 year
  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Have a belief in a Supreme Being
  • Live a good moral and social life
  • Do not advocate the overthrow of the government
  • Are recommended by two members of the Lodge they wish to join. (If you do not know two members of a Lodge, the secretary of the Lodge to which you are applying can arrange a meeting with two members of the Lodge for you.)

The Masonic term for a membership application is a “petition.”


Once you turn in a petition to join the lodge, you will be asked to meet with several Brothers from the lodge who interview all prospective members. This interview customarily involves a visit to your home, although it can be held at work, at the lodge, or another location depending on circumstances. Their job is to see that you are indeed a man of good character and reputation, that you meet all the qualifications for membership, and that your expectations are realistic. If you have already met with members of the lodge in a meet and greet setting, most of their questions will have already been answered.

After the interview, they will report back to the lodge and a vote will be taken on your petition.  Because many Lodges meet only once a month, it may take a month or two from the time you complete the petition to the time you are invited to lodge to start your first degree in Freemasonry.

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